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National Frontiers of Sciences (NatFoS) Meeting 2022

March 13-15, 2022

Timber Trail, Parwanoo, HP

Organised By Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS)
Hosted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar

Concept Note

The National Frontiers of Sciences (NatFoS) series of brainstorming sessions was started in 2018 with support from the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Govt. of India, in order to create a healthy dialogue between various disciplines of science. This series of discussions has been designed on the lines of the US National Academy Frontiers of Science model, bringing together 35-40 outstanding young scientists and engineers to discuss, deliberate and collaborate through presentations of exciting advances in one’s own field of expertise, and simultaneously learn about research at the cutting edge of other scientific disciplines

To achieve the objectives above, Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS) proposes NatFoS 2022 as a three-day residential meeting to be held at Parwanoo, HP from 13-15 March 2022. Through the three days, a selected group of leading young investigators from academia, research and industry will come together to discuss contemporary scientific work and state of the art research in various domains of natural sciences and engineering. The entire meeting will be organized, planned and conducted by the young scientists and engineers who are members of INYAS.

The NatFoS 2022 discussions will explore themes of Accelerators for Science and Society, Antimicrobials and Vaccines, Renewable energy and Storage, Cancer Biology & Theranostics and Indian Ocean Carbon Dynamics in a Changing Environment. An additional session on ‘Women in Leadership’ has been planned this year with the aim to mark Govt of India focus on Women in Science for the year 2020-2021. In this panel, we propose to bring together six trailblazing senior and young women from various streams of science leadership across from both INYAS and India in general, to discuss factors that have led to the successes of the last ten years and draw out the challenges and opportunities for women leaders in the future. NatFoS 2022 also includes a special session on infectious diseases to keep the current pandemic by Covid-19 as the central point of the discussion.  

A little over two hours will be allotted for each session, including 60 minutes for general discussion at the end. Emphasis will be on speakers presenting to colleagues outside their field with a view to both conveying and deriving cross-disciplinary information and insights through a format, which allows informed one-to-one discussions amongst the participants.

It is anticipated that through such brainstorming sessions, young scientists and ‘Women in Leadership’ from contrasting disciplines will interact at the frontiers of fields other than their own areas of research, and contribute to formulation of science policy and mandates at the national scale.

The goal of the event is to enable young scientists of outstanding caliber across India to foster inter-institutional collaboration through cross fertilization of ideas across the disciplines, resulting into generation of new scientific and technical concepts and approaches.